Fitzwilliam Institute Difference

The Fitzwilliam Institute Difference...

Identifying the Needs of Industry

Fitzwilliam Institute Identifying the Needs of Industry Fitzwilliam Institute knows well that all Businesses need Skilled, Professional team members to improve the bottom line. Those Seeking a Career and Upskillers need a Trained Practical Skills Base to build upon. Graduates without experience can't start a career, and they can't get experience without a Career Opportunity.

Our Roots

Our Team Members all stem from the business area specifically Management Training and Practical Business Solutions Consultants. One of the largest solutions provided was before Fitzwilliam Institute operated and involved the redesigning of an encyclopedic Operations and Training Manual from an academic tome into a Practical Onsite series of Day to Day 'How it's Done' specialist volumes for Major Worldwide Brand Virgin. The Client was so happy with the result that we were further engaged to practically train 300+ Management teams on its operation around Europe.

From our Inception in the mid 1980's, Fitzwilliam Institute created a number of the world's first Practical Skills Training Courses. With our solid background of Training Management Teams in the Corporate and New Business start up Sectors across Ireland and the U.K. we developed the Essence Training Approach using a Practical, hands-on methodology.

Fitzwilliam Institute Model

Fitzwilliam Institute went on to Improve the Practical Training Approach Model by sourcing Industry Professionals, normally only available at expensive corporate rates, to deliver this interactive case study based training.

Today these Industry Professionals work with winning teams all over the world. They bring Practical Insights and provide Industry Best Practices and Skills and Cutting Edge trends in their relevant industry to the Table. They connect our students with the best and the brightest in their chosen industry to help them achieve their career goals and giving them exclusive Networking access.

Fitzwilliam Institute: 30 Years Success in Provision of Practical Skills Training to Industry

Fitzwilliam Institute opens its doors launching a number of the World's First Practical Skills Training Courses


The Animation Boom Fitzwilliam run Practical Courses in Animation to prepare Animators


Fitzwilliam Institute launches the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Services with Arranged Work Experience to Train IFSC industry professional, using the Practical Skills Model Approach


Postgraduate Diploma Practical Skills Courses in Public Relations Arranged Work Experience are launched by Fitzwilliam Institute to cater for the growing Industry demand.


Fitzwilliam Institute incorporates Computer Applications Training into all of their courses to get our graduates ahead in Industry.


Fitzwilliam Institute Commences its Postgraduate Diploma Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations course Arranged Work Experience to address Industry needs


Fitzwilliam institute introduce a Travel and Tourism Postgraduate Diploma Course to fill the huge gap in trained Tourism and Events professionals


Practical Skills Postgraduate Courses in Software Development Arranged Work Experience become part of Fitzwilliam Institute's Comprehensive Training Portfolio to fill Software Development Industry Growth.


Fitzwilliam Institute adds Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Fund Management and Mutual Fund Management both with Arranged Work Experience to Address the Specialist Industry demand


Fitzwilliam Institute provides computerized Ecommerce Training for Irish Marketing Institute Members


Fitzwilliam Institute Successfully launches Corporate training Diploma Courses in Public Relations, Diplomas in Advertising, Marketing and PR evening Courses to Upskill Busy Business Professionals.


Fitzwilliam Institute creates Cutting Edge Practical Skills Postgraduate and Diploma Courses in Web Development to address the advent of DOT.COM boom.


The First Practical Skills Postgraduate and Diploma Digital Marketing Courses are launched, becoming some of Fitzwilliam Institute's Most Popular Courses.


First Practical Skills Courses in Computer Networking with Arranged Work Experience are being launched by Fitzwilliam Institute in response to industry demand


Fitzwilliam institute introduce the Postgraduate Diplomas in Java Programming with Arranged Work Experience to cater for Industry requirements


Fitzwilliam Institute Develops its Tourism and Travel Courses into successful Practical Skills Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Event Management.


Fitzwilliam Institute Introduces Highly successful Diploma in Oracle Database Development Evening Course to meet industry demand


Project Management becomes a 'must-have' qualifications. Fitzwilliam Institute launches its top-tier practical skills courses in Project Management


Date - Fitzwilliam Institute launches a Comprehensive Range of 300 Genre and Sector Specific Practical Skills Postgraduate Diploma and Diploma Online Courses to Provide Flexible Transferable Interactive Skill sets to enable global access to successful Careers


Fitzwilliam Institute launch Live Courses In New York, USA with its Diploma in Event Management, to add to its four Live Diploma courses in Australia located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Online Practical Courses in Public Relations, Event Management and Journalism based on Fitzwilliam Institutes Live Courses are developed at Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma level and launched successfully.


Fitzwilliam Institute grows its UK live offering to meeting the demand for trained professionals in the build up to the 2012 Olympics to be held in London. Live Postgraduate Diploma courses with Arranged Work Experience are added to the existing Live portfolio. Flexible Online Practical Courses in Digital Marketing, Advertising and traditional Marketing based on Fitzwilliam Institutes Live Courses are developed at Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma level and launched successfully.


Fitzwilliam institute continues its development and rollout of Transferable Skills Practical Online courses with the Successful launch of Project Management, Business and Management Courses at Diploma and Postgraduate level. Live Postgraduate Courses with Arranged work Placement are launched in Melbourne to meet industry demand.


Building on its historical Reputation as a provider of Quality high end Programming Training in the live course area Fitzwilliam Institute develop and successfully launch Online interactive Courses at Diploma and Postgraduate Level in Java Programming, Cloud Computing, and Oracle Database Programming.


Fitzwilliam Institute adds to its locations outside London to its Live course delivery portfolio. Online Web Development Programming using PHP and Computer Science Courses are added at Diploma and Postgraduate level to meet Industry requirements.


Fitzwilliam Institute adds its suite of Financial Services and Fund Management Courses to its Online offering. Courses are offered at Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma level. Live Digital Marketing Courses are successfully launched in Australia.


Fitzwilliam Institute develops its high end Online IT Programming portfolio to include Visual Basic programming, Visual C# Programming, IPhone Programming and Android Programming courses offered at Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Levels. Fitzwilliam Institute offers EBooks on its websites for a number of its core training areas.


Due to demand from Industry Specific Sectors, Fitzwilliam Institute develop Sector Specific Online Courses focusing on individual Industry requirements in its Creative Courses areas of Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Advertising Event Management giving it the largest range of Industry Sector Specific Courses in these areas available.


Fitzwilliam Institute continues to develop Industry Sector Specific Specialist Courses in Project Management, Business and Management giving it the largest range of Industry Sector Specific Courses in these key Management areas available.


Fitzwilliam Institute continues to rollout its innovative Industry Sector Specific Specialist Courses in the IT Programming areas concentrating on specific IT Programming Project types and giving it the largest range of Industry Sector Specific Courses in these Programming areas available anywhere.