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    Diploma in Experiential Marketing via Online Distance Learning

    Diploma in Experiential Marketing with Event Management & Online PR Modules via Online Distance Learning

    Experiential marketing is one of the most exciting marketing areas. It's a way to engage consumers with a product, allowing them to “experience” it, utilising as many senses as possible. Currently, consumers are skeptical of the “traditional advertising” methods, such as radio and TV, preferring to experience the product or service first-hand, in the context of how they would use the product in their everyday lives.

    Created and perfected by successful industry professionals, our fast-paced Online Diploma in Experiential Marketing course provides the transferrable skills, knowledge and technical insights needed to create outstanding experiential marketing campaigns that can make the difference in an increasingly competitive online market. Practical guidance and support will be offered throughout the course to ensure that theoretical learning is translated into practical proposals.

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