Who We Are

Our Unrivalled Track Record:

  • We're part of an Established Group of Training Companies;
  • We're the World's First Provider of Practical Skills Courses;
  • We Provide Live and Online Courses, at Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma levels;

A name you can trust:

  • Over 300.000 people around the world have joined our courses since we first opened our doors, over 30 years ago;
  • Government Departments, multinationals, Small and Medium companies, students and graduates have benefited from our training courses;
  • Industry Accredited and Internationally Recongnised in over 140 countries, our courses offer you the most innovative and effective practical skills training;

How we'll get you there:

  • We'll give you the skills to get into the career you've always wanted;
  • We will upskill you to help you get that promotion;
  • We will get you that industry qualification that all employers are looking for to help you change careers;
  • We will help you get that first step on the ladder in your chosen career;
  • We will provide you with transferrable skills, so you can work anywhere in the world;

Our results speak for themselves:

  • Internationally Renowned for Excellence, over 30 years of successful experience;
  • Established in over 140 territories worldwide, we are - Globally - the Longest Running Provider of Practical Courses to Industry;
  • We train over 5.000 people across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA,South Africa and Asia each year;
  • Over 70% of our students come to us from past students recommendation;
  • Our Diplomas and Postgraduate Diplomas are Industry Certified and Internationally Recognised;
  • We are Industry Connected: our Courses are Designed and Delivered by Successful Industry Professionals, ensuring that what you learn is Practical, Relevant and Up-To-Date;
  • The vast majority of our students enter full-time employment all over the world upon completion of any of our globally recognised online courses;


  • Provide the Most Effective Career Focused Training;
  • Use Real Life Briefs to deliver Invaluable Practical Skills Training;
  • Offer Training, Guidance and Support from Leading Experts And Successful Industry Professionals;
  • Keep our courses Cutting Edge In Line With Rapid Industry Changes And Technological Advances;
  • Empower you to gain a Qualification That Is Industry Certified And Internationally Recognised in over 140 countries;
  • Help you to add to the list of Skills on your CV and Work Portfolio;
  • Impart Invaluable Industry Insights, Work Contacts And Opportunities;
  • Give you access to our Exclusive Student Website, With Course Notes, Jobs And Volunteer Opportunities, News, Events and Much More;
  • Strengthen your Self-Confidence, Pitching And Presentation Skills;

Our Diploma & Postgraduate Diploma Courses are available in the areas of: